"Elmar has an uncanny ability to think outside the box, He thinks not only further but also differently than other people. Perseverance, creative and energy are some of the key words that come to mind when I want to describe Elmar. Strong in visualizing everything from advertisements to campaigns, web to databases. As an artist and art lover, I respect Elmar’s creative side: long talks into the early hours about mankind and man’s ideas, art and how to view it.

With his striking good looks and warm character he’d be right at home on stage.
He’d never hurt a soul and always remains friendly. Never easily satisfied, he’s a real perfectionist: well-organized, problem-solving and with a great sense of humour. Obstacles and problems have never deterred Elmar from attaining his goals.
A designer who can design, but who can also deliver on the technical side of things. And that makes him pretty unique."

Friend - Gino Sanders
Friend's mom - Inge van Veldhuijsen
Design director - Alan Foe

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